Fun Activities to Have with Friends and Family (Article 1)

Fun activities are an important part of friendship. But what kind of fun activities do you have with friends? Do you have any fun activities you’re willing to share? Have fun with friends and family by doing the following seven activities. You’ll be surprised how quickly these become fun family activities.

1. Play Bingo – Start by placing the letters of your friend’s name in the bingo square. Once everyone is done, each person takes turns guessing what letter will be next. The first person who gets their name right wins.

2. Jigsaw Puzzles – Set up a jigsaw puzzle and fill in the pieces as your friends help. Once the puzzle is complete, you can use the completed picture as a prize for whoever has the best puzzle solving skills.

3. Board Game Night – Pick a game like Candyland, Monopoly or Scrabble and set up a night of games. Each person starts with $100 and plays a round. Whoever has the most money at the end of the game wins.

4. Movie Marathon – Find a movie that everyone in the group likes and watch it over and over again. If you have enough time, make it a competition. The first person to finish the movie will be crowned “Movie King”.

5. Cooking – Buy some ingredients together and cook a meal. Make sure you include something for everyone, from simple appetizers to a full dinner.

6. Karaoke – Set up a karaoke machine and play a few songs. You’ll probably end up singing a few along with your friends.

7. Ice Cream Social – Pick an ice cream flavor and invite everyone over for a party. Be sure to have lots of napkins and bowls.

One thought on “Fun Activities to Have with Friends and Family (Article 1)

  1. fun activities to have fun with friends and family.
    obviously, we have also fun activities to have fun with friends and family. A famous and very interesting activity is girls arrange the marriage of their dolls. the arrangements are made, as a real marriage and it took to four days to complete the ceremony or activity. we have an at home spend day to our friend’s home. Host a closet cleaning party. Go for long walk. Make dinner together- each bringing the dish. Enjoy a baking night, play cards!

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