Fun Activities to Do When Traveling (Article 8)

Traveling can be stressful. There’s the whole planning the trip thing. Then there are the unknowns – what will I eat? Where will I stay? And of course, how will I get around? Here are some fun things you can do when traveling.

STEP 1: Get Tickets

If you plan ahead, tickets are always cheaper than booking flights at the last minute.

To find discounted tickets, check out sites like Groupon or Hotwire. You’ll also find some travel-related discounts on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

You can also try checking with your credit card company. Some companies offer a discount on travel-related purchases.

STEP 2: Get a Hotel

There are lots of ways to find a cheap hotel in the US. Airbnb is a great option if you don’t mind sharing your space with strangers.

There are plenty of websites that offer discounted rooms. In fact, one of my favorite sites is The site works just like, except they have over 10 million rooms available and charge less money.

STEP 3: Eat Cheap Food

Cheap food is usually easy to find. In the US, there’s a huge variety of ethnic food. It’s a great way to taste different cultures.

You can also visit fast food restaurants. They’re usually much cheaper than sit-down restaurants.

STEP 4: Make Friends

A lot of people don’t know this, but a lot of people love meeting new people when traveling. It’s a great way to make friends and meet people with similar interests.

If you’re in an unfamiliar city, you can usually find someone who speaks your language. If you want to try something new, you can sign up for a tour or class.

STEP 5: Get Lost

This is my favorite travel activity. Getting lost and figuring out where you are is one of the best ways to learn a new place.

I’ve learned a lot about Japan by getting lost in Tokyo.

If you’re driving, you can look up directions using Google Maps. If you’re on a train, there’s a handy app called Google Transit that shows you the closest stops and allows you to see when the next train will arrive.

STEP 6: See a Show

Shows are another way to see a new city. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a show. Some of my favorite shows have been free.

For example, I’ve been to New York City several times and seen the Metropolitan Opera, Broadway, and Off-Broadway shows. All of these were free.

STEP 7: Visit Museums

Museums are a great way to get an overview of a city. You can also learn a lot about history.

I’ve been to New York City’s Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum. Both were great.

In London, you can visit the British Museum and the National Gallery. The British Museum has a ton of famous pieces that you can see for free.

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