How to Have a Happy Life (Article 1)

The truth about happiness – it’s not what you think.

Your life has two paths, both leading to the same place – but which path you choose to follow depends on where you want to go.

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love to travel and those who travel to love.

If you’re one of those who travel to love, then you already know the importance of having an adventurous lifestyle and spending time outdoors.

If you’re one of those who love to travel, then you probably have a good idea of what I’m talking about.

STEP 1: Plan Your Adventure

A successful adventure is a planned one. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your trip, plan it out before you leave.

Start by thinking about the places you want to visit. It’s important that you don’t just pick random locations – you need to think about where you’d like to be in a year from now or even five years from now.

Do you want to live in a city? Do you want to live in a cabin? Where would you like to be in five years? What kind of house will you buy? Who are your friends going to be? Where are your kids going to go to school?

Planning ahead makes things easier and prevents you from getting stuck somewhere that’s not really your ideal location.

STEP 2: Create Your Bucket List

Once you’ve decided on where you want to be in five years, it’s time to start creating a bucket list.

Your bucket list is a list of everything you want to do before you die. It’s a long list, but it should include the following:

Go skydiving

Take a surfing lesson

Learn how to cook Thai food

Buy a car

Visit every continent

Meet a celebrity

Run a marathon

Go hiking in the mountains

See all the world’s major landmarks

Get married

Visit Paris

Travel to Antarctica

Live in a different country

Get a tattoo

Have a family

STEP 3: Make a Plan

After you’ve created your bucket list, it’s time to plan your adventure.

You can do this in several ways. You could make a travel blog where you post about your adventures as they happen. Or you can do it in an even more detailed way by making a spreadsheet and creating a map that shows where you’ll be.

The point is to make a plan that will help you achieve all the things on your bucket list.

STEP 4: Go Out There and Do It!

It’s easy to procrastinate when you know you have a lot of planning to do, but if you’re not careful you can fall into the trap of waiting until the last minute.

The best way to prevent this is to start planning early so you don’t need to worry about it later. Once you know what you want to do and have a plan in place, the rest is just a matter of taking action.

STEP 5: Take Action

If you’re like me, you probably spend most of your time thinking about what you want to do in life instead of actually doing it.

I’m here to tell you that this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. If you don’t take action, nothing will ever happen in your life.

You don’t need to wait for someone else to start moving first. You can be the one to start going places.

You don’t need to worry about how things are going to turn out because you’re going to make them turn out the way you want them to.

Your happiness depends on the choices you make every day.

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