Lesson 2.45.4 – Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

American Holidays and Celebrations #15: Columbus Day

Like people from all over the world, Americans celebrate a variety of holidays and celebrations. Watch each video and read along each article to learn about American Holidays and Celebrations.

  1. Directions: Watch the video below and write a short summary of what you learned in the comments section below.

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  1. Hello ‘hind from Iraq.
    Celebration : Columbus Day (second Monday in October).
    In the 15th European merchants are looking for new and shorter trade route to the east where they could get spices gems , gold and other exotic goods.The main route was overland, but it was long and dangerous.
    Christopher Columbus was Italian seaman , living in Portugal.
    Eventually Columbus convinced Queen Isabella of Spain , she and king Ferdinand to all his request , he would find a shorter route also he needed were ships and money, in recent decades Columbus Day has generated much controversy . Native American groups and others began to speak out again the claim that Columbus had discovered American . The felt that in the spirits of reconciliation the day should celebrate Native American .As a result in schools across the country , Columbus Day curricula began to include information of native Americans.

  2. Hello eveybody

    Columbus Day

    It´s a legal federal holiday that commemorate the first voyage of Christofer Columbus, who sailed west from Spain in 1492 and reached the island of present day Bahamas. Columbus mistakenly thought that he had found a new route to the East which at the time thought China Japan India, so he called the island the west indies and the indigenous inhabitant indians
    Although he was not the first european to set foot in this land, his first voyage was historically significant. He changed the course of live of the inhabitants of this continents and the world.. Nowaday the voyage of Columbus is celebrtated in USA in 12th Octuber, but in recents decades, Columbus Day has generated much controversy and that´s why some states call the holiday by dual name Columbus day/Native Americac Day.

    Thank you Maestro

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