2.33.1: Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Welcome to Year 2, Week 33, Lesson 2.33.1. Today we will work on your English Vocabulary. We begin with Fry Sight Words English Vocabulary 10th Hundred, Lesson 3. Please follow the directions and do your best.

Part 1 – DIRECTIONS: Please watch the vocabulary video below two or three times:

Part 2 – Please read aloud the following words and sentences in English, then translate them and read them into your primary language using the translator on this page.

Fry’s List 10 Lesson 3

gun, similar, death, score, forward, stretched, experience, rose, allow, fear, workers, Washington, Greek, women, bought, led, march, northern, create, British

The policeman used a gun to shoot the criminal.

The man bought a gun to protect his family.

The two dresses are similar in design.

The two cars are similar in engine size.

The war criminal was sentenced to death by the tribunal.

We can all expect death at the end of our lives.

What is the score for the basketball game?

The soccer player wants to score a goal today.

We moved forward with our plan to buy a new car.

You need to look forward if you want to accomplish things.

The man stretched his legs to relax.

She stretched her arms and hugged him.

Visiting Disneyland in California is a fun experience.

Did you experience an earthquake?

She quickly rose from her bed.

He bought his girlfriend a red rose.

The manager will allow the workers to take a break.

The teacher will allow the students to study before the test.

Do not fear what you don’t know.

She is full of fear when she watches scary movies.

The factory was full of busy workers.

This company needs to hire more workers.

The USA Capital is in Washington D.C.

Seatle is a big American city in the state of Washington.

Alexander is Greek because he was born in Greece.

I want to meet Greek people and talk about Greece.

Maria and Lupita are married women.

The two women are married to successful men.

She bought a lot of vegetables from the supermarket.

Luis bought a new car yesterday.

The teacher led his students on a tour of the school.

The violence led on the streets led to civil war.

People want to march to protest high taxes.

The soldiers will march through the city tomorrow.

The northern states in the USA have cold weather during winters.

The northern winds are strong.

Can you create a YouTube video?

When did you create this project?

Many people want to study British literature.

That British author has written another book.

Part 3 DIRECTIONS: Please watch the quiz video and do the quiz on your own paper. When you finish, let us know your quiz score in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “2.33.1: Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

  1. Hello. I’m Danijela.
    In this lesson I learned new words and practiced them in sentences.
    In the quiz my score was 20/20.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

  2. Lesson 2.33.1 Year 2
    Fry Sight Words Quiz- The Tenth Hundred
    Last quiz of 1000 words.
    In 3of 5, I got 100%
    In 4 of 5, I got 95% and in 5 of 5 % I got 100%
    It was very good practice to improve and increase our vocabulary in the English Language.
    I am very much grateful to you. God Bless you!

  3. Hello teacher!
    In this lesson I learned new words and practiced them a few times.
    In the quiz my score was 18/20.
    Thank you very much teacher.

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