2.38.1: Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Students, now that you finished with the 1,000 Fry Sight Words, let’s review Levels 9-10 and see if there are still any Fry Sight Words that are difficult. You are encouraged to use the translator feature on this website to translate all words in your primary language to make sure you know well all of the words in the following lists.

Fry’s List 9 – Lesson 1

supply, corner, electric, insects, crops, tone, hit, sand, doctor, provide, thus, won’t, cook, bones, mall, board, modern, compound, mine, wasn’t

Fry’s List 9 Lesson 2

guess, silent, trade, rather, compare, crowd, poem, enjoy, elements, indicate, except, expect, flat, seven, interesting, sense, string, blow, famous, value

Fry’s List 9 Lesson 3

thick, blood, lie, spot, bell, fun, loud, consider, suggested, thin, position, entered, fruit, tied, rich, dollars, send, sight, chief, Japanese

Fry’s List 9 Lesson 4

major, observe, tube, necessary, weight, meat, lifted, process, army, hat, property, particular, swim, terms, current, park, sell, shoulder, industry, wash

Fry’s List 9 Lesson 5

fit, addition, belong, safe, soldiers, wings, movement, pole, exciting, branches, stream, planets, rhythm, eight, science, block, spread, cattle, wife, sharp

Fry’s List 10 Lesson 1

company, radio, we’ll, action, capital, factories, settled, yellow, isn’t, southern, truck, fair, printed, wouldn’t, ahead, chance, born, level, triangle, molecules

Fry’s List 10 Lesson 2

sister, oxygen, plural, various, agreed, opposite, wrong, chart, prepared, pretty, solution, fresh, shop, suffix, especially, shoes, actually, nose, afraid, dead

Fry’s List 10 Lesson 3

gun, similar, death, score, forward, stretched, experience, rose, allow, fear, workers, Washington, Greek, women, bought, led, march, northern, create, British

Fry’s List 10 Lesson 4

total, deal, determine, evening, hoe, rope, cotton, apple, details, entire, corn, substances, smell, tools, conditions, cows, track, arrived, located, sir

Fry’s List 10 Lesson 5

France, repeated, column, western, church, sugar, adjective, fig, office, huge, difficult, match, win, doesn’t, steel, seat, division, effect, underline, view

7 thoughts on “2.38.1: Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

  1. Lesson 2.38.1 Year 2
    Fry Sight Words, Review of Levels 9-10.
    I looked through all words and trained by repeated exercise.

  2. Greetings to all:
    Hello Maestro Sersea, all is good, Just some details. So, only one word I had to learn its meaning (hoe) and the pronunciation of another three. Ready!!
    Thanl you Maestro

  3. Hello teacher!
    I can read and translate all those words. It just remind what I learned in 1st year. I can make sentences with all vocabularies.
    Thank you for your Fry’s words lesson 9 and 10.

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