Students, now that you finished with the 1,000 Fry Sight Words, let’s review Levels 7-8 and see if there are still any Fry Sight Words that are difficult. You are encouraged to use the translator feature on this website to translate all words in your primary language to make sure you know well all of the words in the following lists.

FRY WORDS – The Seventh Hundred

Lesson 1

cross, speak, solve, appear, metal, son, either, ice, sleep, village, factors, result, jumped, snow, ride, care, floor, hill, pushed, baby

Fry Words – The Seventh Hundred

Lesson 2

already, instead, phrase, soil, bed, copy, free, hope, spring, case, laughed, nation, quite, type, themselves, temperature, bright, lead, everyone, method

Fry Words – The Seventh Hundred

Lesson 3

hair, age, amount, scale, pounds, although, per, broken, moment, tiny, possible, gold, milk, quiet, natural, lot, stone, act, build, middle

Fry Words – The Seventh Hundred

Lesson 4

rolled, bear, wonder, smiled, angle, fraction, Africa, killed, melody, bottom, trip, hole, poor, let’s, fight, surprise, French, died, beat, exactly

Fry Words – The Seventh Hundred

Lesson 5

buy, century, outside, everything, tall, section, lake, iron, within, dictionary, speed, count, consonant, someone, sail, remain, dress, cat, couldn’t, fingers

Fry Words – The Eighth Hundred

Lesson 1: now, least, catch, climbed, wrote, shouted, continued, itself, else, plains, gas, England, burning, design, joined, foot, law, ears, glass, you’re

Fry Words – The Eighth Hundred

Lesson 2: president, brown, trouble, cool, cloud, lost, sent, symbols, wear, bad, save, experiment, engine, alone, drawing, east, choose, single, touch, information

Fry Words – The Eighth Hundred

Lesson 3: yourself, control, practice, report, straight, rise, statement, stick, party, seeds, suppose, woman, coast, bank, period, wire, pay, clean, visit, bit

Fry Words – The Eighth Hundred

Lesson 4: caught, fell, team, God, captain, direct, ring, serve, child, desert, increase, history, cost, maybe, business, separate, break, uncle, hunting, flow

Fry Words – The Eighth Hundred

Lesson 5: grew, skin, valley, cents, key, express, mouth, yard, equal, decimal, whose, received, garden, please, strange, lady, students, human, art, feeling

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  1. Hello, i am Albertine.
    It’s very good to review all the words we learned. The problem is about pronunciation, but it will come.
    Thank you

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