Hello, students. Now you will have the opportunity to read, and listen to a Health and Lifestyle article in American English. You are encouraged to carefully read the article and the vocabulary words, as well as listen to the article.  Finally, you are invited to share what you learned by writing a short summary of the article in the comments section below.

Directions: Read the article and study the vocabulary below.

Directions: Listen to the audio recording of the article.

Directions: Share what you’ve learned from the article by writing a short summary in the comments section below.

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  1. Hello everyone,
    Australian spider venom can save heart attack victims. This is one of research that discovered in Australia from the venom of a category of spider. It could be benefit to the lack of flow of blood.

  2. Hello , hind from Iraq.
    Australian researchers say a treatment found in thec(venom) of one of the word’s dearest spiders could save the lives of heart attack victims.
    The ten say the venom contains what could bag life- saving molecule or peptide .
    They are using this special little peptide from a small portion of the funnel web spider veined, while they found is this peptide is able to help protect the heart where there is a lack of blood supply or blood flow.

  3. Lesson 2.45.3 Year 2
    Health and Lifestyle
    ” Study: Australian Spider Venom Could Save Heart Attack”. July 26,2021
    The World Health Organization estimates that 17.9 million people die each year from the disease of heart. But a deadly Fraser Island spider’s venom could save heart attack victims. Venom is a poisonous fluid produced by animals such as snakes and spiders. A team of researchers or scientists from the University of Queensland have developed a drug from a
    molecule in the venom of the Fraser Island funnel-web spider. It prevents damage caused by heart attacks. Scientists hope that treatment can be used by emergency workers in the future.

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