2.3.3: Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Hello, students. You now can learn about Max, an American teenager, as part of “American Teens Talk!” book. I suggest you read and listen to this section several times so you can improve your American English reading and listening comprehension skills. Don’t forget to respond to the prompts in the comments section below so that you can improve your writing skills as well.

  1. Directions: Please read about the section about Max two or more times.

2. Directions: Please listen to the section about Max two or more times.

3. Directions: Please respond to one of the prompts below in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

  1. What do you do on an ordinary school
    day? What do you usually do on a day
    when there is no school?
  2. What kind of movies or television shows
    do you like to watch? What kind do you
    not like? Why? Do you have a favorite
    actor? Who is it? Why is this person your

13 thoughts on “2.3.3: Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

  1. Hello,
    In an ordinary school day, I wake up at seven o’clock everyday except Sunday. I do my toilet, take in speed my breakfast, prepare my satchel, take my bike and go to the school with my friends. My school is a little far away from home. At 7:45 we got in our school after we heard the bell. At eight o’clock everyone enter into the classroom waiting the teacher.

    1. Hello,
      I am Albertine
      I like to watch the movies or television shows that talks about Christian lives, like Christian songs, evangelism, testimonies, news about churches or Christians organisations and some news.
      I don’t like movies where people fighting or chut one another. Because it make me to feel insecure and have some sleepless nights.
      My favorite evangelist is Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria Osteen, because they are good preachers. Their sermons help me a lot.
      Thank you

  2. Hello Teacher.
    This lesson about Max, a teenager, explain what he does in an ordinary days in School , even goin in a trip to Atlanta, to perform in their School Orchesta. He explain very well and with details what he does in his days.
    Thanks for the lesson

  3. On an ordinary school day, I always try to wake up at 6:30 every morning for the upcoming lessons at 8:00. I left for class at 7:20 to get to the classroom in time. It will be a goofy day if there is no school 🙂

  4. Hello. I’m Danijela.
    I like watch to watch movies and plays about love, science fiction or comedy. I don’t like movies that show violence and murders. I don’t like violence and I can’t watch it.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

  5. Hello. I’m Maribel.
    What do you do on an ordinary school day? What do you usually do on a day when there is no school?
    In an ordinary school day I get up at 6:00 a.m.. Then, I eat breakfast at seven, I go to school at eight. I study during all day until 4:00 in the aftenoon. I eat luch at school. After that, I return to my house, I have dinner and do my homework. Finally, I go bed at 11:00.
    What kind of movies or television shows do you like to watch? What kind do you not like? Why? Do you have a favorite
    actor? Who is it? Why is this person your favorite?
    I like to watch romantic movies. I don’t like horror movies because then I can not sleep. My favorite actor is Chris Hemsworth because he plays his role very well in the movies and hi is very handsome.

  6. Hello everyone
    1) When I was in school, I usually got up at 6:00 am, got dressed, had breakfast, and walked to school. we entered at 7:00 am and had classes for five hours, until 12:00 noon with a break at 9:30 am.
    Every afternoon I did my homework and practiced soccer and guitar. Those were good times. At 9:00 pm I went to bed, said my prayers and went to sleep!
    in an ordinary day, where there is not school, things were not very different. I used to collaborate with homework and the rest of the day share with my friends, play soccer or guitar and other typical things of a teenager.
    Thank you Maestro.
    2) Currently, I hardly watch television. I prefer surfing the internet and occasionally watching movies. I used to watch action and suspense movies, but now I tend to movies that raise social issues or everyday life issues. I want to understand people more.

  7. Hello , Hind from Iraq
    I do in ordinary day
    I wake up at 5.30 am then training in my house machine sporting (tort) then go to school at 7 am then written to home at 3 pm.
    When ther is no school , I would like shopping or visit my sister or friend or go to restraint for eating breakfast .
    I kind comedy movies for TV
    I would like Angela joly actor because she loved humanity and she visit migration , while she feel like them felt .

  8. Lesson 2.3.3 Year 2
    American Teens Talk!
    What do you do on an ordinary school day?
    I am a teacher. I go to school in my car every morning at 7:30. School doors open at 7:00. I keep my backpack and all my other stuff in my locker. Greets my staff members. After having assembly walk calmly toward my classroom. I welcome my students, take a roll call and see who’s absent. collect the homework notebooks, review the last lesson, and starts the new lesson. I take English, Maths, and Urdu in my class.
    12:30 is lunch time. I have my lunch at the school cafeteria. After lunch, I have my free period, and I check my notebooks. Reading and reciting the poems is the last period and I like this period very much.
    That’s all, pack things. It’s two o clock the end of the school and time to go home.

  9. Greeting Maestro Sersea
    My favorite films are action or fiction movies but I don´t enjoy violent or bloody movies. I think that is enjoyable to see a good movie without bloody scenes that almost it seems get out of a real life. Arnold Schwarzeneger it has been one of my favorities actor I have saw all his films. He is well known by his persuasive character trait, and We can see it When he addressed to the Ukranian and Russian people in recent months where he made a called for peace and ceasefire at the conflict taking place in Russia. I believe that was one of the most viral vidios.
    Thank you so much

  10. Hello !! Maestro sersea ,when I went to school I usually woke up at 7:00 ,got dressed ,has breakfast and took the bus to My school ,I entered at 8:00 and had a classes for give and a half hours,until 14:00 I returned to My house ,.every after noon I did My Homework and then play with My friends.
    2) I like comedy and romántic movies ,My favorite actor is Michael Landon ,he always Made movies for the family

  11. Hi every one, in a ordanary school day i remembed i was wek up at 6h:00 a.m, went to school untill 13h:00p.m go back home and have dîner after that doing a homework. If there isn’t school i would like to watch some movies and listeaning to the music.
    I like to watch friction, action and comedy movies, olso horror movies, my favorite actor is”the rock” Dwayne Johnson, because these movies are the best and like his per

  12. Hello!
    When I was a student, I got up at 5:30 a.m. and after I finished to prepare everything to go to school, I went to class at 6:30 and the first class was at 7:00 a.m., when the day class finished, I returned to the home at 1:00 p.m.
    When there is no school I got up at 6:30 and help to my mom to do some workhome.
    I love romantic movies, I don’t have any favorite.
    One of may favorites actors is Eugenio Derbez, because is a good actor.

    I learned two new words, goofy and cherish. Thank you Maestro Searsea.

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