Directions: Review and translate the following terms we covered the past few weeks.

Some Organs of the Body
breast – produces mothers’ milk to feed a baby
heart – pumps blood through the body
intestines – tubes through which food passes after it is broken down in the stomach; a part of the intestines also removes solid wastes from the body
kidneys – clean liquid wastes from the body
liver – makes some proteins and enzymes; removes poisons from the blood
lungs – take in and expel air from the body
prostate – a part of the male reproductive system
stomach – breaks down food for the body to use
uterus – a part of the female reproductive system where a fetus develops

Computer Terms
blog – n. short term for Web log, a personal Web site where people write about whatever they want
database – n. information gathered and stored in a computer in a systematic way so computers can search it
e-mail – n. electronic mail that is sent over a computer system or wireless telephone network
hardware – n. the physical equipment of a computer or a device that is connected to a computer
mouse – n. a small hand-held device used to control a computer
network – n. a group of computers or other devices, such as telephones, connected by telecommunications links
processor – n. the brain of a computer which carries out software instructions that operate the hardware of the
computer and devices attached to it. Also called a CPU or chip.

server – n. a powerful computer that serves a network of computers and processes their requests
software – n. electronic instructions given to computers and devices connected to them
World Wide Web – n. part of the Internet that can be easily searched using software called a browser

Business Terms
account – n. a record of financial dealings. For example, a bank account is a record of how much money a person or
company has in a bank
bond – n. an agreement to pay interest on a loan, generally for a period of years, until the loan is repaid. A bond can be
bought or sold.
capital – n. money or property used to create more wealth contract – n. a legal agreement between people or groups to do, provide or trade something
corporation – n. a business that is organized as a legal company separate from its owners and workers
dividend – n. part of a company’s earnings that is given to shareholders. Not all stocks pay dividends.
index – n. a way of measuring the value of a group of securities. For example, a stock index measures the value of a
group of stocks.

security – n. evidence of ownership that has financial value such as a stock or bond. Security can also mean a financial
contract that has value.
stock – n. a share in ownership of a company. The stock of public companies is traded on
stock exchanges.

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