Hello, students. Now you will have the opportunity to read, and listen to a Health and Lifestyle article in American English. You are encouraged to carefully read the article and the vocabulary words, as well as listen to the article.  Finally, you are invited to share what you learned by writing a short summary of the article in the comments section below.

Directions: Read the article and study the vocabulary below.

Directions: Listen the audio recording of the article.

Directions: Share what you’ve learned from the article by writing a short summary in the comments section below.

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One thought on “2.40.3: Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea”
  1. Look like time after time something happens suddenly making changes in future’s plans of the people.
    Because of covid we closed the borders, streets, shops, schools, doors almost all contacts between each athers. Right now I think covid belongs to the passt.

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