2.8.3: Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Hello, students. You now can learn about Bella, an American teenager, as part of “American Teens Talk!” book. I suggest you read and listen to this section several times so you can improve your American English reading and listening comprehension skills. Don’t forget to respond to the prompts in the comments section below so that you can improve your writing skills as well.

Directions: Please read about the section about Bella two or more times.

Directions: Please listen to the section about Bella two or more times.

Directions: Please respond to one of the prompts below in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

  1. One of Bella’s teachers gives extra time
    after school to help students learn music.
    Who is one of your special teachers? What
    does this teacher do to help students?
  2. Bella thinks that people who can play the
    piano very well are amazing. Who do you
    think is amazing? Why?

7 thoughts on “2.8.3: Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

  1. My first music teacher was a dark-haired, medium-sized young man. He was teaching us guitar lessons 🎸. We started with music theory lessons in a choir. There, we read and repeat together the notes of the scores. Then we move on to the practice sessions on the instruments. The teacher helps us to pronounce the musical phrases correctly. He goes between the rows and listens if the students continue the rhythm and corrects our mistakes. Sometimes he sits at the piano and starts playing and we follow him.

  2. I can’t play the piano, but I think it’s a beautiful thing to be able to play the piano. I don’t think it’s easy to play the piano well. So I think it’s cool.

  3. Hello. I’m Danijela.
    My favourite instruments are piano and violin. I don’t know how to play and I think knowing how to play some instrument is amazing.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

  4. Hello everyone
    In my high school I never had a special teacher, but I studied guitar at a music school. When I finished high school, I went to music school every afternoon to learn guitar and copy some sheet music for my teacher.
    All musical instruments have their particular aspects that make them special. The guitar seems incredible to me; I love it and still do it.

  5. Hello, Hind from Iraq.
    I was trained. A guitar when l studied in high school which I loved and I saw how amazing who i had friendly fat man music teacher.
    We learning in summer holiday in club between house and school while we trained with chorus of students because the club were near our houses.
    I have similar option to Bella , because the music is soul food

  6. Lesson 2.8.3 Year 2
    American Teens Talk!
    It’s about Bella,13
    I like listening to music. During my exercise, I am on my musical channel and enjoy both of them, but I hardly have the knowledge of musical instruments. Only know the name of some, like Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, flute, and our folk musical instruments Dholak and chimta found in Punjab (Pakistan )
    I used to play Basketball in school and college life in the 50s back in past. II was very impressed by my PE teacher. I was a good basketball player. we used to have our practice after school and had great fun.
    Memorable moments, amazing days, and wonderful times were !!!

  7. Greetings Maestro Sersea
    I think that people who are guitarist are amazing specially when they are really good at playing amazing pieces in the guitar. I think so, because of I love music and I learned to play the guitar when I was only a child my granph taught me, sometimes I download lyrics with accords to play in my guitar is something in which I enjoy spend my free time. too.
    Thank you so much.

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