• American English News Words: Today you will watch a news vocabulary video which explains a word or term used in news stories. Try to understand the word or term discussed in this video:

  • Learning English TV: Watch this one-minute Learning English news program and try to understand what it means:

  • Identify what you learned today from this lesson. You can either explain what today’s news word means or give a short summary of the short news program you watched in the comments section below:

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5 thoughts on “Lesson 2.18.2, Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea”
  1. Hello
    I am Albertine. I had chance to learn new word which is: “surge”
    A surge is a sudden, unusually big increase in number, level or size of something..
    Thank you

  2. Hello. I’m Danijela.
    In this lesson I learned new words like surge etc…
    Surge means when something have suddenly big increase number, level or size something. Example: strorm surge means when sea level rise is caused by powerful storm.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

  3. hello everyone
    In this lesson I learned the mieaning of some new word:
    surge, muslim pilgram and shelter.
    particularly, surge imply a quickly incresing of something

    In this lesson I learned the meaning of some words, such as pilgrim, Muslim, shelter and surge. The latter, in particular, involves a rapid increase in something either in number, size, or level.
    Thank you Maestro

  4. Hello, hind from Iraq.
    News words: surge: is sudden unusually , big increase in the number level or size of simethink

  5. Lesson 2.18.2 Year 2
    News word: ”Surge”
    As I understand the meaning of surge is to rise rapidly, rise, and move forward, a large sea wave, a sudden forceful flow.
    I saw a surge of anger on her face.
    The fans surged forward to see the movie star.

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