Lesson 2.39.4 – Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

American Holidays and Celebrations #9: President’s Day

Like people from all over the world, Americans celebrate a variety of holidays and celebrations. Watch each video and read along each article to learn about American Holidays and Celebrations.

  1. Directions: Watch the video below and write a short summary of what you learned in the comments section below.

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  1. Hello , hind from Iraq
    Third Monday in February / President day
    Day since a common practice is to celebrate , the birthdays of both presidents on this day.
    In 1868 congress passed the uniform Holidays act that fixed Monday as the official day to observe legal federal holidays , including Washington’s Birthday.
    The holiday has taken on commercial side , many shopping malls and stores run president’s Day sakes to attract shoppers with have the day off from work or school

  2. Greetings Maestro Sersea
    The Federal Holiday combines two birthdays George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The federal holiday is also called Washington birthday and is celebrated on the third Monday in February as a legal federal holiday in many State and local government offices are closed.
    George Washington the first President of the United State of America, is often referred to as the Father of our country, born on February 22, 1732, in Virginia, He grew to be a natural leader instrument in winning American independence from Britain. His father wanted to send him to England for more education, but when he was eleven his father died and he was unable to continue his studies. When he was fourteen he longed to join the British Royal Navy, but his mother not give him permission. Over the next five years became a master surveyor. By 1750 he had acquired over 1000 acres of land for himself. Shortly after his twentieth birthday began serving in the army of King George III of England.
    By twenty-two, Washington was a Lieutenant. While serving under King Washington grew resentful of the unfair treatment of colonial soldiers and officers. When the king lowered the ranks of all colonial officers he resigned in anger. Later he rejoined to learn military tactics from a renowned general. In 1775 the revolutionary war began. Washington was elected Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence but it would be seven more years before in 1785 that independence was won. In 1786 Washington was elected President of the Constitution convention a meeting of representatives from each State to draft a constitution for the new country.
    Of all the Presidents of the United States, Abraham Lincoln is probably the one that Americans remember with the deepest affection. He brought a new level of honesty and integrity to the White House, living up to his name Honest Abe. Most of all he is associated with the abolition of slavery with his Emacipation Proclamation. He became a virtual symbol of the American Dream whereby an ordinary person from humble beginning could reach. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Kentucky. In 1834 he was elected into Illinois State Legislature, and began study to became a lawyer. Lincoln joined the Republican a new political party that was opposed to slavery. The Republican nominated him for U.S. Senate in 1858. And in his acceptance speech he state.
    A house divided against itself cannot stand, this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolve, I do not expect the house to fall but I do expect It will cease to be divided.
    Abraham Lincoln Oratorial powers brought him to the attention of the nation. In 1860 he was nominated by the Republican Party as its candidate for the Precidency with a mojority of electoral votes all from the north. On January 1, 1863 Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation wich stated that all persons who had been slave within the southern states were free. Though this Proclamation was limited in that it only applied to stated that had seceded from the Union.
    On April 9, 1865, the South surrended, and the Civil war ended.
    On April 14 Mr and Mrs. Lincoln were attending a play at Ford’s theather in Washington D.C. an actor John Wilkes Booth, Who desagreed with Lincoln Political Opinion step into the Presindential box and shot the President, Lincoln died the following morning.
    Thank you so much,

  3. President´s Day:
    In this holidays day is celebrated the George Washington´s anb Abraham Lincoln birthday. Although this federal holiday is formally called Washington´s birthday and is celebrated on the third monday in february is a common practice to celebrate the birthday o both presidents. some people also think the day celebrates all the American presidents.

    The birthday of George Washington was originally celebrated on february 22 and Abraham Lincoln´s birthday on february 12, but in 1968 congress passed the uniform holiday act that fixed Monay as the official day to observe legal Federal holidays. At last the third monday in February is the day on which Americans are reminded of the influence of both, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on the growth and history of nation.
    George Washington was the first president of The United States of America and is often referred to as the “Father of our Country”. He died on December 14, 1799. Respect to Abraham Lincoln, of all the presidents in the history of The United States, Abraham Lincoln is probably the one that Americans remember with deepest affection. He was the president during the civil war whichh ended on abril 9 and died on April 15 after he and his wife were attended a play at Ford´s theater in Washington DC, the previous night

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