American Holidays and Celebrations #6: Hispanic Heritage Month

Like people from all over the world, Americans celebrate a variety of holidays and celebrations. Watch each video and read along each article to learn about American Holidays and Celebrations.

  1. Directions: Watch the video below and write a short summary of what you learned in the comments section below.

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    Hispanic Heritage Month
    -Government : Romualdo became the first Hispanic American U.S representative when he won the California seat in 1976 by one led.

    -Science and Medicine: in 1968 Luiz won the Nobel prize in physics for his discoveries about subatomic particles.

    -Literature and publishing: in 1872 Maria Novel who would have thought it?became the first English Novel written and published.

    -Film : in 1961, Rita became the first Hispanic American to win the best supporting actress Oscar award for her performance in the film west side story.

    -Music :,in 1921,Lucrezio was the first Hispanic American Opera diva when she debuted at metropolitan Opera.

    -Air and spacecrafts:in 1986 Franklin was the first Hispanic American astronaut.

    -Military: in 1866 David became the first U.S Navy officer in history to reach the rank of admiral .

    -Sport : Roberto was the first Hispanic American to serve on the baseball players..

    Hispanic Heritage month :
    Began as national week in 1968! Proclaimed as such by U.S President Lyndon .
    This month celebrations the traditions and cultures of all American who trace their root to Spain, while the celebrations in September and October often in Claude culture activities in 1970 . Chavez then continued with boycott of California lettuce. He died in 1993?, but received a posthumous national medal award in 1994 president Bill Clinton.

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