• American English News Words: Today you will watch a news vocabulary video which explains a word or term used in news stories. Try to understand the word or term discussed in this video:

  • Learning English TV: Watch this one-minute Learning English news program and try to understand what it means:

  • Identify what you learned today from this lesson. You can either explain what today’s news word means or give a short summary of the short news program you watched in the comments section below:

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7 thoughts on “Lesson 2.31.2, Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea”
  1. Hello. I’m Danijela.
    In this lesson I learned new word “Lucrative”
    Lucrative discribes when people have activitis or investments that bring them great wealth. We can also define the word profitable in the same way.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

  2. Hello , hind from Iraq.
    In our day criminals is a lucrative trade.
    Lucrative describes an activity business of investment that leads to creat wealthy , also we can use profitable .
    Thank you

  3. Hello , Hind from Iraq.
    June /29/2021
    -in Ethiopians are hopeful for pease after the government declared
    Monday it would observe immediate ceasefire and withdraw from the country’s Tigray.
    -In Italy foreign and development ministers of G20 countries gather in Mater-a to disease food security and cooperation on vaccine and climate change.
    -in South Africa former president Jacob Zumba is sentenced 15 month in prison for falling to appear a court over corruption .
    -People keep watch in surf side Florida with where deadly building Collops last week left more than 150 people missing .

  4. Greetings to all
    Lucrative describes an activity, business or investment that leads to great wealth. This word is sinonimous of profitable.
    Thank you Maestro

  5. Lesson 2.31.2 Year 2
    News Word: ” Lucrative ”.
    As I understand the meaning of ” Lucrative is profitable, profit-making, gainful, moneymaking, and productive or lucrative means to produce wealth.
    Is all business dealing equal and lucrative?
    She gave up a lucrative career as a lawyer to look after her kids.

  6. Lesson 2.31.2 Year 2
    One-minute English Learning News program.
    1) After the announcement of the ceasefire and withdrawal from the country’s Tregre area Ethiopians are quite confident about peace.
    2) Italy’s foreign and devilment ministers hold a meeting to discuss food security and cooperation on vaccinates and climate change.

  7. 3) South African former president got a punishment of 15 months in prison, not to appear in court over corruption charges.
    4) In Florida, people looked and listened all the time to a deadly building collapse, where 150 people were missing.

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