Here is Level 2, Lesson 24: “I Feel Super!” adapted from VOA Learning English.

  1. Listen, read, translate if needed, and practice along with the audio player and dialogue below.

ANNA: Hi! I see you like superhero culture. Me too.

ANNA: In fact, tonight I’m going to the big superhero convention. Are you going?

YOUNG MAN: Um, I don’t know.

ANNA: Well, you’d better decide soon. Last year, it sold out.

ANNA: So, since we’re talking about superheroes: would you rather become a superhero by accident, like Spiderman, or be born a superhero, like Wonder Woman?

ANNA: Take your time. It’s a big question. I thought about it for days –

YOUNG MAN: Okay. If I had to choose, I’d rather be born a superhero.

ANNA: I’d rather become a superhero by an unexpected accident!

YOUNG MAN: Aren’t all accidents unexpected?

ANNA: Well, yeah.

YOUNG MAN: What was that!? Are you okay?

ANNA: I’m better than okay. I feel super!

PROF. BOT: Oh No! Anna was just hit by lightning. She had better get help.

PROF. BOT: We use had better to give advice. It is very informal and stronger than should and ought to. For example, Anna says: “You’d better decide soon. Last year, it sold out.”

PROF. BOT: When we use had better, we usually shorten the word had for personal pronouns.

PROF. BOT: We use would rather to say what we or someone else prefers to do or have. For example, the boy says: “Okay. If I had to choose, I’d rather be born a superhero.

PROF. BOT: With would rather, we also shorten the word would when used with personal pronouns. Keep watching and listen for had better and would rather.

YOUNG MAN: You’d better see a doctor.

ANNA: I’ve never felt better!

YOUNG MAN: You were just struck by lightning!! And what happened to your hair and your clothes?

ANNA: I don’t know. Wait, I do know. This is my super suit! And this is my origin story.

YOUNG MAN: What are you talking about?

ANNA: An origin story tells the beginning of a superhero. You should know that.

YOUNG MAN: You’re not making any sense, lady.

ANNA: I would rather be called Lightning Bolt Lady! It’ll sound great in a theme song: Lightning Bolt Lady!

ANNA: Now, I need to find my superpowers —

YOUNG MAN: Um, I really think —

ANNA: Wait. Don’t tell me. I’ll read your mind. You are thinking you’d like to be my super helper.

YOUNG MAN: I was not thinking that.

ANNA: … that you’d like to live in a treehouse.


ANNA: … that you should eat more vegetables.

YOUNG MAN: Please, stop talking. You really should get some help.

ANNA: Mind reading is not my superpower. Maybe I can become invisible. I … am … invisible!

ANNA: You can’t see me. Who am I? I’m not here. You can’t see me.

YOUNG MAN: I can see you and so can everybody else.

ANNA: No power of invisibility. Maybe I can create a force field. I feel it working. Nothing can hurt –

(Someone throws a piece of paper and it hits her head.)

ANNA: Ow, that wasn’t very nice. I see I have a lot of work to do. Well, goodbye, non-super person!

YOUNG MAN: Wait. I’d better go with you. You might get worse…if that’s even possible.

ANNA: That’s very nice of you, ordinary human. But I’d rather go by myself. This is a quest.

YOUNG MAN: Every time you speak, I get more confused.

ANNA: A quest is a part of all superhero stories. You really need to work on your superhero studies. Now, stand back. I’ve never flown before.

YOUNG MAN: And you’re not flying now.

ANNA: Flying is also not my superpower. That’s too bad. It’s going to be expensive to Uber everywhere. You know, I’d rather walk. It’s a nice day. Goodbye, non-super person.

YOUNG MAN: I am not talking to strangers again.

ANNOUNCER: Will Lightning Bolt Lady find her superpowers … ever? Ouch! Did that brick wall hurt? Will the young man ever talk to a stranger again?

ANNOUNCER: Find out on the next episode of Let’s Learn English!

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