Lesson 2.14.4 – Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Here is Level 2, Lesson 14: “Made for Each Other” adapted from VOA Learning English.

  1. Listen, read, translate if needed, and practice along with the audio player and dialogue below.

Anna: Hello! What are you guys looking at?

Pete: I’m showing Ashley pictures of my girlfriend. We have so much in common — even small things. She can’t whistle and I can’t either.

Ashley: (to Pete) And here’s a picture of my boyfriend. (sighs)

Ashley: My family is big and so is his. I don’t like ball sports and he doesn’t either! (sighs) We are made for each other …

Pete: … and so are we. (sighs)

Anna: Uh… you have found perfect partners … and so have I!

Professor Bot: Pete and Ashley are talking about people they love. They are putting two ideas together with connectors.

Let’s start with these two sentences: She can’t whistle. Pete can’t whistle. How do you put them together?

Pete says, “She can’t whistle and I can’t either.”

You can see we just add the conjunction “either” and take away the verb “whistle.” And Ashley says: “I don’t like ball sports and he doesn’t either!”

Keep looking for connectors!

Ashley: You met someone, Anna? That’s great! What’s his name?

Anna: His name? His name is uh… (stalling, looks around, sees a bus) Bus … ter. (stalling, looks around, sees a car) Car … ter.

Ashley: (says it like Anna did) Bus…ter Car…ter?

Anna: It’s just Buster Carter, Ashley. I like him and he likes me. We’re a great couple.

Ashley: Hey, let’s all get dinner tonight, together. You can bring Buster.

Pete: (laughing) Yeah, I can’t wait to meet him.

Anna: Thanks, Ashley, but he’s really busy tonight with his uh, (looks around, sees squirrel) squirrel collection. Bye, guys! Gotta go!

Ashley: Squirrel collection?

Pete: You know, she made all that up.

Ashley: That’s so sad. She needs to meet someone. Hey, do you know anyone who she might…

Pete: No.

Anna: (to herself) Anna, Anna, you lied! You lied! Now, they think you have a boyfriend – with a squirrel collection. Here, squirrel. (throws food) Well, you need to tell them the truth. You don’t have a boyfriend.

Man: Excuse me, is this seat taken?

(Anna shyly shakes head “no”)

Anna: Ashley, Pete, I need to talk to you. This morning, I lied.

Pete: Let me guess. There’s no Buster Carter. What a surprise!

Anna: I’m sorry. But later I really did meet someone and we have a lot in common!

He’s good at flying kites and so am I.

He likes to read comics and so do I.

I can play the ukulele and so can he.

Ashley: He sounds perfect for you, Anna. Can he come tonight?

Anna: That’s the sad part. You see, he just got a job as a spy, and tonight he leaves on assignment.

Pete: Of course he does.

Anna: But that’s okay, because now I know that there is someone out there made for me. (looks at the time) Oh, it’s late! I have to see him off at the train station. Bye, you guys!

Ashley: Bye Anna! Oh dear, she’s worse than we thought.

Pete: She’s lost her mind.

Ashley: What should we do?

Pete: (happy, excited) Let’s tell her!

(Pete goes to leave but Ashley pulls him back.)

Ashley: No, Pete. Mr. Right may not be real but he makes her really happy.

Professor Bot: Did you find any other connectors? Notice how the words are in a different order in the part after “so.” “I am” becomes “am I” and “he can” becomes “can he.”
“He’s good at flying kites and so am I. I can play the ukulele and so can he.”

2. Watch the Lesson 14: “Made for Each Other” American English video lesson.

3. Take the Lesson 14: “Made for Each Other” quiz to check your American English knowledge. Click here to take the quiz.

4. Answer the following question in the comments section below:

Tell how you and a friend or a family member have something in common and something that
is different between you. Use the sentence structures “and so do I” and “and I don’t either.”

8 thoughts on “Lesson 2.14.4 – Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

  1. Hello. I’m Danijela.
    Interesting lesson but bit sad. Ana will also meet someone who is for her.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea

  2. Hello everyone
    In the quiz, my score was 4/5
    My mother likes eat some dessert after lunch and so do I.
    My wife don´t like have coffee in the night and I don´t either.

    Thank you Maestro

  3. Lesson 2.14.4 Year 2
    Lesson 14 ” made for each other ”
    I got 100 % on the quiz.
    We are twins sisters. We are so much in common. First of all, we are identical, no one can recognize which one is Humera and which one is Summer. she is two minutes younger than me. She likes chocolates so do I. I can sing so can she. I can’t drive she can’t either. I love reading books so she does.

  4. Greetings Maestro Sersea
    I did my quiz and I scored 5 answers correct of 5 questions answered.
    My sister don’t use sugar to her coffee and so do I.
    My mother can’t drive a motorcicle and I don’t either.
    Thank you so much

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