Here is Level 2, Lesson 12: “Run! Bees! adapted from VOA Learning English.

  1. Listen, read, translate if needed, and practice along with the audio player and dialogue below.

Anna: Wow. Did you know that bees are dying?

Kaveh: That is bad news. If all the bees died, there would be no food. Bees are very important.

(buzz sound)

Anna: Yes, they are. Speaking of bees, one of our little friends is here now.

Kaveh: You know, Anna, if you ignore it, it will fly away. But if you swat it, it might sting you.

Anna: I’ll ignore it. I can ignore it. See, I’m ignoring it. (she is swatting at the bee)

Kaveh: Anna, are you afraid of bees?

Anna: What makes you say that?

Kaveh: Anna, you should call my friend, Caroline. She is a beekeeper and a bee educator. If you talk to her, she’ll probably help you get over your fear of bees.

Anna: I am not afraid of bees.

Kaveh: Here’s her card.

Anna: Ahhh!

Prof. Bot: In this lesson, you can learn about conditionals. They have “if” and “will” or “would.” There are two kinds of conditional sentences in this lesson.

Type 1 conditionals have a real event, and a result that probably will happen. Chances are good. Here is the pattern:

If +present tense verb … will + future tense verb.

Kaveh uses this when he says: “If you ignore it, it will fly away.”

Type 2 conditionals have a possible event and a result that may or may not happen. We don’t know. Here is the pattern:

If + past tense verb …would + infinitive verb.

Kaveh uses this pattern when he says, “If all the bees died, there would be no food.”

Look for the “if” in a sentence to find more conditionals in today’s lesson. I’ll color them, too!

Anna: I think I’m at the wrong address. This does not look like a place where bees are kept. ​(knocks on door)

Anna: Oh, sorry to bother you. I’m looking for beekeeper Caroline. I’m here to take her “Learn to Love Bees!” class.

Caroline: You’re in the right place! I’m Caroline!

Anna: Oh, nice to meet you! Um, Caroline, I thought this class used real bees and real hives.

Caroline: It does! If you look in my backyard, you will see my bees! I’m a home beekeeper!

Anna: What? You live with bees? That is really amazing! And at the same time really scary.

Caroline: It’s not scary. If you come, I’ll show you.

Anna: Caroline, how many bees are in that hive?

Caroline: About thirty thousand (30,000) in each.

Anna: What? That’s amazing! But, aren’t you afraid that they are gonna come out and kill you?

Caroline: No, not at all, Anna. Even my children help me. Tell me, why are you afraid of bees?

Anna: I don’t know. Well, when I was a little girl my mom ran out of honey. And I really wanted honey for my pancakes. So, I climbed high into a tree and hit a beehive with a stick … several times. Then I reached inside with my bare hands to pull the honey out. That’s when I got stung … a lot.

Anna: Caroline, if you hit a beehive with a stick and reach inside, you might get stung.

Caroline: No, Anna. If you do those things, you will get stung.

Anna: Yes. I did.

Caroline: And you know that it was your fault you got stung, don’t you?

Anna: Yes. I did.

Caroline: Bees know your feelings. And if you stay calm, the bees will be calm. If you’re nervous, the bees will be nervous. And if bees are nervous, they may sting. So, please be calm.

Anna: I will be calm. I am calm. Okay, I’m ready. I’m ready

Caroline: Great. Let’s get our equipment on.

Anna: Wait! Wait! I’m not ready! I’m nervous! Give me a minute to be calm.

Prof. Bot: Are you ready for one more conditional sentence?

If you are not afraid, you will join us next time to learn more about bees!

2. Watch Lesson 12: “Run! Bees!” American English video lesson.

3. Take Lesson 12: “Run! Bees!” quiz to check your American English knowledge. Click here to take the quiz.

4. Answer the following question in the comments section below:

What were you afraid of as a young child? Some children are afraid of animals, insects or high places. Share a story of what you feared as a child. How about now? Have you stopped being afraid of it?

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  1. Hello. I’m Danijela.
    Very interesting lesson also video with Ana.
    Bees are very important. Honey is very healthy.
    If you eat honey you’ll be healthy.
    In the quiz my score was 4/4.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

  2. Hello everyone
    My score in the quiz was 4 of 4
    What were you afraid of as a young child? Some children are afraid of animals, insects or high places. Share a story of what you feared as a child. How about now? Have you stopped being afraid of it?

    As a child, I was afraid of ghosts and never wanted to be in dark places or strictly alone, even during the day. But now I am an adult and things are differents. Now, I am afraid of insecurity, so I take appropriate measures to ensure safety.

    Thank you Maestro

  3. Hello, hind from Iraq .
    My score was4/4

    What were you afraid of as a young child?
    I was afraid of darkness and thief when I was child , also I would not like animals , insect because I wouldn’t like take care of them.

  4. Lesson 2.12.4 Year 2 American English Lesson with Maestro -Sersea/
    Lesson 12: ” Run! Bees!” Quiz
    I got 100 %.
    I am afraid of high places. In my city, Islamabad has a very popular restaurant situated on a hill. I went only once there and the mountain passes made me so afraid, that I closed my eyes and started praying to reach there safely. On our way back, it was scarier and more terrifying for me because of the darkness. I did the same and thanked God to reach home safe and sound.

  5. Greetings
    I did my quiz and I got 100% .
    When I was a young child I used to fear to the goose I don’t know why always I had to found them way home always after school. when we saw them come toward us with my partners, we were prepared to face them.
    we’re going ready to run because this beautiful animals it were accustomed to run behind us to sting us, It were a little bit painful but at the same time funny. Nowdays, I don’t know if I have overcome the fear to be stung and here in the neighborhood where I actually live never have found it.
    Thank you so much.

  6. Hello maestro sersea My score in the quiz was 4/4 I’m very happy .
    When I was a little girl I used to fear spiders ,thank you

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