Lesson 2.6.4 – Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Here is Level 2, Lesson 6: “Will It Float?” adapted from VOA Learning English.

  1. Listen, read, translate if needed, and practice along with the audio player and dialogue below.

Penelope: Anna, thanks for taking me on a tour of D.C. today.

Anna: Sure thing, Penelope. You are new to town. And a tour is the best way to see more of the city!

Penelope: So, which tour are we taking – the one that goes through the city on a bus? Or the one that goes along the river in a boat?

Anna: Both!

Penelope: What? Anna, this isn’t going to be one of those trips, is it?

Anna: No. Follow me.

Professor Bot: In this lesson, you are going to hear lots of prepositions! What’s a preposition, you ask? It’s a word that shows relationships between things. Anna says they are going on a tour through the city and along the river. Through and along are both prepositions. Watch for more!

Anna: Well, Penelope, there’s our ride!

Penelope: What is it?

Anna: It’s the famous DC Ducks — the boat with wheels! We will ride on the road and then sail on the water!

Penelope: Who thinks of these things?

Anna: I don’t know. But I’m glad they do! Let’s get aboard, Sailor!

Penelope: (looking at a brochure about the boat) Hey, did you know that this bus … um, boat was created during World War II to carry people and supplies?

Anna: Wow. You know, a tour is so much more interesting with Fun Facts, like that one.

Penelope: I agree. I love Fun Facts!

Boy: Did I hear you say you love Fun Facts?

Anna & Penelope: Yeah.

Boy: Well, I have tons of Fun Facts for this tour!

Anna & Penelope: Great!

Anna: Penelope, where are his parents?

Penelope: Maybe – maybe he’s the Captain’s son and he helps his dad on tours!

Anna: Oh yeah! It would be so awesome to ride around the city in a boat all day with your dad!

Penelope: This is amazing, Anna. There are so many beautiful buildings along this road!

Anna: Hey, the Washington Monument is on the left!

Professor Bot: I have a Fun Fact too! Did you know that the Washington Monument was damaged in an earthquake? Whoa. Did you feel that?!

I heard: “around the city in a boat,” “along this road and “on the left.” All of these are prepositions showing place. Let’s watch for more places and prepositions!

Penelope: Look, Anna, we’re across from the White House!

Anna: Penelope, the only thing between us and the President is the street … and a park … and a security gate …. and police officers … with guns.

Boy: Excuse me, do you want to know a Fun Fact about the White House?

Anna & Penelope: Yes!

Boy: Inside the White House there is a swimming pool, a movie theater and 32 bathrooms!

Penelope: Thirty-two bathrooms! That’s a lot of bathrooms!

Boy: I’d be happy with two. I live in a house with my mom, four sisters, two aunts and only one bathroom!

Penelope: Oh my! You know, Anna, we should give him a tip!

Anna: Of course! It is polite to tip your tour guide! Luckily, I have lots of dollar bills!

Penelope: That was a great Fun Fact! Here you go!

Boy: Thank you! I can tell you Fun Facts all day!

Professor Bot: Did you hear any more prepositions of place? I heard “between us and the president” “inside the White House” and “in a house.”

And did you hear that the Duck Boat can go on the river? I don’t believe it. Join us next time to find out which preposition we will use: The boat went ON the river or The boat went INTO the river?

2. Watch “Lesson 6: Will It Float?” American English video lesson.

3. Take the “Lesson 6: Will It Float?” quiz to check your American English knowledge. Click here to take the quiz.

4. Answer the following question in the comments section below:

Imagine you are giving a tour of your hometown or your neighborhood. Tell about three places you want to show a visitor. What “Fun Facts” will you share about the places you show to the visitor?

12 thoughts on “Lesson 2.6.4 – Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

  1. Hello,
    I am Albertine
    If I am giving a tour of my hometown or my neighborhood, three places I will show my visitor are:
    1. Kigali convention centre and Radison blue Hotel which are very amazing and interesting.
    2. Volcanoes and different mountains because, Rwanda is called a country of thousands hills.
    3. Mountain Gorillas which are very interesting.
    Thank you

  2. Hello. I’m Danijela.
    Very interesting lesson also video with Ana.
    In the quiz my score was 4/4.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

  3. Hello everyone
    In my neighborhood I could show these following things:
    i) the church where the pope John Paul II gave his first mass, when he visited Venezuela.
    ii) The rest of the ranches that are still standing and that was founded in the 18th century.
    iii) and the urbanization designed in the shape of pope John Paul II’s hat.

    In the quiz I gave 100% of correct answers.

    Thank you Maestro

  4. Hello every one.
    Hind from Iraq.
    Welcome to this awesome list of the best most interesting and most beautiful tourist attraction inIraq, that are accessible today, historical and cultural importance of each of these touristic spots.
    – Babylon , established in the 19th century BC.is one of the most ancient places in the world and it definitely deserves to be a unesco world Herritage site.
    – Nasiriyah is capital of the Dhi Gar government in the southern Iraq .Dhi Gar was the strong of an ancient Iraqi one of the first civilization in the historical region of Mesopotamia.
    -Iraqi Marshes
    The Mesopotamia, marshes , also called the Iraqi marshlands, are one of the most beautiful places in Iraq that all tourists in Iraqi must visit.
    Thank you vary much sir.

  5. Lesson 2.6.4 Year 2.
    About Fun facts.
    1) I would like to take and visit my visitors to the neighborhood village of my city Islamabad, the name is Saidpur village. It has very interesting fun facts.
    ” Saidpur Village is one of the best tourist attraction in Islamabad and one of the oldest village in the region.
    That is still inhabited. Saidpur village was founded in 1530 by Mirza Fatah Ali. The village has the footprints of various civilizations including Ashoka, Mughal, Buddhas, Greek, and Gandharan.

  6. Lesson 2.6.4 Year 2
    2) the second place and its fun facts are about ” Qissa Khawany Bazar ”.
    I would like to take and tell about fun facts of this Bazar.
    Qissa Khwan means storyteller, the Bazar is located in one of the provinces of Pakistan KPK( Khabur Pakhtunkhwa’s city Peshawar) However, IN the past the café of this Bazar used to welcome and entertain
    the travelers and traders from different parts of the word. They used to tell and share their experiences with
    the natives. The stories are so fascinating that the listener and teller spent the whole night.

  7. Lesson 2.6.4.- Year 2
    3) I would like to visit and tell the fun facts about the ”Taxila Museum”.
    Taxila Museum is located at Taxila , Punjab , Pakistan. the museum is home to a significant and comprehensive collection of Gandharan art from the 1st to the 7th centuries c.e
    The things in the Taxila museum are Stone Sculptures ( 1st to 3rd century A.D) , Gold and Silver jewelry,
    and Coins ( 6th century B.C. to 5th century A.D.)

  8. Greetings Maestro
    I got 100% in this quiz.
    Just right now, In San Pedro Sula my hometown have started our fair and is celebrated with differents kind of activities that take place in several locations at the same time, for exemple. While is celebrated the fair all the Saturday there’s small carnavals in differents neiborhoods through the city. However, Fild Agas and Expocenter are the places more visited because they offer to the public differents activities at the same time, there’s sell of food and bevarages, dances, concerts, roller coaster and a variety of mechanical games, also the most important companies and entrepreneur expone their articles or products, sometimes many new business accostum to promote or launch their new brands or products, it’s an occasion not only to have fun, if not that you can also go to buy or sell something. At the end to the month the fair is closed with a parade at the first Street to the city, with carriages decorated with flowers or landscape. Usually they throw collars or products to the public.
    Thank you so much.

  9. I’ll go to the museum to explain a visitor a history for my contry, the second place will be a donw town of Lubumbashi to show more places to a visitor like the hotels,restaurents,bar and for last the shop for Jewelery

  10. Hello, everyone,
    lesson was very interesting.
    In the quiz my score was 4/4.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

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