Lesson 2.10.4 – Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Here is Level 2, Lesson 10: “Visit to Peru” adapted from VOA Learning English.

  1. Listen, read, translate if needed, and practice along with the audio player and dialogue below.

Bruna: Hi, Anna!

Anna: Hi, Bruna! What’s up?

Bruna: I thought we could meet for lunch today.

Anna: I wish I could, but I can’t. I have to research Peru for a story.

Bruna: How’s it going?

Anna: Not so good. I’ve been reading about Peru and listening to Peruvian music. I really want to understand Peru. I hope it’s enough.

Bruna: You should visit Peru.

Anna: I wish!

Bruna: You can!

Anna: Bruna, I don’t have the money or time to go to Peru. My deadline is tomorrow!

Bruna: No, I don’t mean to really go there. The museum where I work is having a Peruvian festival today!…. Anna? Anna? Anna, are you there?

Prof. Bot: Hello again! Professor Bot here. Today we will hear about wishes and hopes. Bruna asked Anna to go to lunch, but she answered,

I wish I could, but I can’t. Listen for more hope and wish sentences.

Bruna: Hi, Anna!

Anna: Hi, Bruna! Thanks for telling me about this event.

Bruna: Sure! It’s much better than staring at your computer. I hope it helps with your story.

Anna: I’m sure it will. So, what should we see first?

Bruna: Dance and music are very important to Peruvian culture, so let’s watch the dancers.

Anna: Great! Let’s go!

Bruna: There’s this very special Peruvian dance called Marinera Norteña.

Anna: I love the Marinera Nortina… !

Bruna: Marinera Norteña.

Anna: Marinera Norten… ?

Bruna: No. Marinera Norteña.

Anna: I love the … marriage dance!

Anna: Bruna, I read about this dance. But it is much more romantic in person!

Bruna: The dancers are giving lessons after their performance. You should try it!

Anna: I’d love to. But I’m not ready to get married. I mean, one day I hope to meet the right guy. We’ll buy matching motorcycles and ride into the sunset — the wind blowing through our hair!

Bruna: Anna, the dance just shows the courtship tradition. It doesn’t mean you will get married.

Anna: Oh. Well, I’ll try anyway.

Bruna: Don’t forget. This festival also shows Peruvian art!

Anna: I hope I have time to see everything!

Bruna: Anna, I wish I could join you. But I have some work to do.

Anna: Of course, of course. You go back to work. I’ll check out the art.

Bruna: Okay, I’m hoping to finish in about an hour. Let’s meet then.

Anna: Great. See you then!

Bruna: See ya!

Prof. Bot: Did you notice any sentences with hope or wish?

Anna says, “One day I hope to meet the right guy.” That’s an example of using “hope” with an infinitive to talk about doing something in the future. Keep watching!

Anna: Oh, wow! I can make my own Peruvian art!

Bruna: Anna, how’s it going?

Anna: Hi, Bruna!

Bruna: You know you’re in the kid’s section, right?

Anna: I’m in the art making section.

Bruna: I see that. Your art is very nice. I wish I could do art like that.

Anna: Oh, this one’s not mine. This is mine.

Bruna: Wow! Really? That’s really nice!

Anna: Thanks! And thanks for telling me about this festival. I learned so much about Peru. Ooh, we still have time!

Bruna: Time for what?

Anna: Time for Marinera Norteña!

Prof. Bot: Do you remember what Anna said? “I really want to understand Peru.” I hope you understand Peru a little better now, too. And I wish I could talk with you more about grammar, but that’s all the time we have today! Go to the website to learn more!

2. Watch the “Lesson 10: Visit to Peru” American English video lesson.

3. Take the “Lesson 10: Visit to Peru” quiz to check your American English knowledge. Click here to take the quiz.

4. Take the Review of Level 2 Lessons 6-10 quiz to check your American English knowledge. Click here to take the quiz.

5. Answer the following question in the comments section below:

What country do you want to learn about? Why are you interested in that country? Use books or search for information on traditions there. Write about one cultural tradition in that country.

11 thoughts on “Lesson 2.10.4 – Year 2 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

  1. Hello,
    I am Albertine.
    I take the “Lesson 10: Visit to Peru” quiz, and I scored 100/100.
    Concerning the review of Level 2 Lessons 6-10 quiz, I scored 80/100, meaning I have answered 8 correct answers from total 10 questions.
    A country I want to learn about is Israel . I am interested in that country because I am Christian and I want to know more about what I read in the Bible.
    One cultural tradition in Israel is that they used to celebrate their ancestors’ lives and their customs.
    Thank you

  2. Hello. I’m Danijela.
    Very interesting lesson also video with Ana.
    I like to get to know the cultures of other countries. I wish I could travel to other countries and meet other cultures but I can’t right now..I would like to get to know the culture of Mexico, Spain, Israel and many more countries.

    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

  3. Hello everyone
    In the quizzes my scores were 100% in both (4/4 and 10/10).

    What country do you want to learn about? Why are you interested in that country?
    I would like to know about the USA because this is a beautiful, interesting and advanced country.
    Write about a cultural tradition in that country.
    Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday in the United States and Canada celebrating the harvest and other blessing of the past year.
    Colonist in New England and Canada regularly observed thanskgiving day of prayer for such blessings as safe journeys military victories or abundant harvest.
    In The United States Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on tje fourth Thursday in November.

    Thank you Maestro

  4. Hello, Hind from Iraq.
    The culture of iraq or the culture of Mesopotamia , is one of the word’s oldest cultural histories and is considered one of the most influential cultures in the world .the region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers historically known as Mesopotamia ,is often referred to as the cradle of civilization .
    Mesopotamia legacy went on to influence and shape the civilization of the old world in different way such as inventing writing system, mathematic , law , Iraq is home to diverse ethnic groups and has a very long and rich heritage .The country is known for its poets .Architects painters and sculptors who are among the best in the region , some of them being world class.Iraq is know for producing fine handicrafts , including rugs and carpets, among many other thing, additionally , Iraq embraces and celebrates the achievement of its past in pre Islamic times as well as in Islamic times during Islamic golden age who Baghdad was the capital of the Abbasid caliphate .

  5. Lesson 2.10.4 -Year 2
    Quiz – Lesson 10: Visit to Peru.
    I got a full score.
    Quiz Review of Level 2 Lessons 6-10
    I got 80%.

    1. I have two choises England or USA cause i’d like to work there one day on heavy equipment(CAT), on my own reseache they pay a good salary.
      One culture to the USA:
      “To-go concept – Eating on the run”
      Most Americans are always on the go. It seems they are often running from one appointment to the next, going to and from work, picking up kids, running errands, and going to business meetings and social outings. Because Americans are regularly on the move, there is often not enough time to have a formal, sit-down meal. A common expression you’ll hear is, “24 hours in a day is not enough!”

      You may be surprised to see Americans walking around with coffee mugs, beverages, or food packaged in to-go containers. You’ll probably see people eating a slice of pizza on the street (especially in New York City) or drinking a cappuccino while in line at the bank. You’ll notice that drive-thru windows are common at fast-food restaurants around the country; according to DoSomething.org, 20% of all American meals are eaten in the car. For many Americans, there isn’t enough time to sit down in a café and enjoy a cup of coffee, or relax for a few minutes and eat a snack, so you’ll often hear them order their food and drinks “to go.”

  6. Lesson 2.10.4 – Year 2 American English Lesson with Maestro -Sersea.
    Answers the above questions.
    I would like to learn about ” Turkey ”, and would like to visit as well.
    As I already knew about Turkey but to get more information I went through Google and came to know very interesting and noble facts. They are the followings.
    * Turkey is an Islamic country part of both Asia and Europe, Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It’s a place filled with culture, beautiful architecture, historical sites, and delicious food. It has one of the world’s biggest old malls, the National sport is oil wrestling, and there are almost 80,000 mosques, an impressive
    self- sufficient agriculture.
    ” Evil Eye” is the best -selling souvenir. Turkish people love drinking tea.
    A very noble fact is ”Askida – Ekmek ” which means ” Bread on the Hook ” centuries- old Turkish tradition to help the needy.

  7. Greetings Maestro Sersea
    I got 90% at the review of level 2
    And my score was 100% at the lesson 10.
    Thank you so much.

  8. Greetings Maestro Sersea
    I would like to learn more about the American traditional culture. North America is a beautiful country with multi-cultural traditions. One interesting fact about the American culture is that according to the US Government there is no official languague of the United State. While almost every languague in the World is Spoken in the United States. According to The Census Berau estimate that more than 350 languagues are spoken in the United States and the Bereau divided those languagues into four categories Spanish, other Indo European languagues, which incluide Geman, Yiddish, Swedish, french, italian, russian, polish, hindi, punjabi, greek and several others.
    Thank you very much.

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